Friends of Cardigan Castle: About

Story of the Friends of Cardigan Castle.

Back in the mid-1980s a schoolboy persuaded some of his friends to help an elderly lady to tidy her garden. Little did they know that what they started would evolve to become the Friends of Cardigan Castle as we know it today.

The original small band of volunteers were partly driven by the same inspiration that draws the modern day Friends - the desire to find out more about the Castle that had become a virtual recluse, and the need to somehow uncover almost 900 years of its secrets.

These days we steward when the gardens are open to the public, we keep the gardens tidy and ensure they are a pleasant place to visit. We make it our business to learn more about the site - Who has lived and worked here? What archaeology have they left behind them? How was the garden planted and used? What was life like here in mediaeval times? What eco systems operate within these walls?

Cardigan Castle is at the beginning of a major programme of conservation and regeneration and it is exciting to be in at the beginning of a new phase in its life.

Our vision is to see the castle site resume an important role within the town of Cardigan as a public place for enjoyment and learning. To work towards this we care for the site and we learn as much as we can about it so that we can help visitors to enjoy the surroundings too.

If you would like to know more you can contact us.

  Cyfeillion Castell Aberteifi

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